Home Movie Day FAQs Part I

What types of film will you accept?

We’ll have 16mm, Super8, and 8mm projectors at the event.  Other gauges (9.5mm, 35mm, etc.) may be accepted into the archive, but cannot be projected that day.  We do not accept VHS, DVD, Hi8, or any other video format.

Will you project everything I bring?

Assuming the film you bring us is healthy enough to be safely projected, we can guarantee to show at least one reel.  Depending on attendance and format demands, we may be able to show more.  The earlier you arrive, the higher your chances of getting more reels screened.

What would prevent you from showing my film?

Film that is found to have mold, shrinkage issues, acetate decay, etc., cannot be safely projected without a significant amount of time and effort.  While unhealthy film may still be accepted into the UCF Home Movie Archive, it cannot be shown on Home Movie Day without putting it, our equipment, and other films at risk.  In addition, film found to be containing questionable content (nudity, excessive violence, etc.) may be denied projection but still be accepted into the Archive.

What if I don’t have any film to bring?

We need audience members, too!  With three screens and five projectors, there’s always something to see.



More on volunteering…

The following roles  are available to HMD volunteers:

  • film inspector- inspects film for gauge, health, and initial quality prior to repairs
  • film repair- closely examines films, repairing any damage which would hinder projection
  • projectionist- runs either 8mm, Super8, or 16mm projector, ensuring that film runs properly and safely
  • projection assistant- ensures film stays with appropriate paperwork, readies reels for projection/rewind, documents reel contents
  • check-in assistant- greets and signs in guests, explains HMD process, assists with paperwork
  • food/beverage- ensures refreshment tables are adequately stocked, makes popcorn
  • event videographer/photographer- documents event
No prior film-handling experience is necessary for those who wish to work with the film, but a mandatory training session must be attended.

Volunteer Info Meeting- 9/14

There will be an informational meeting for any UCF students interested in volunteering on September 14 in COMM 145. Those interested in volunteering are strongly urged to attend, as important information will be given regarding roles and training sessions. If you are unable to attend, but would like further information, please contact Rebecca Wack at rebecca.wack@ucf.edu.

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